Toll Free SMS

A service that empowers visitors to your site to send messages to your mobile number is Toll Free SMS.

There is no cost to the site guests who send messages to your mobile number as the Website owner pays for the service. It is like a Toll-Free Phone number service where there is no expense to the guest. Sender essentially sorts a message from your site and that message comes to you as a message on your phone.

How it works ?

  • Website Owner needs to sign-up with us and buy a Toll Free SMS account.
  • Purchase a Toll-Free-message plan that best suits your requirement.
  • To enable your website to use our SMS service, we will send you the instructions.
  • VVisitors to your website will fill in the inquiry form.
  • The filled-in information about the inquiry will be received on your mobile as SMS.
  • This facility is faster than Email. Inquiry by email is less reliable due to SPAM & Virus.
  • Benefits to Business/Website Owner

Benefits to Business/Website Owner

  • Consumers like toll free facilities– Because sending a message is free, customers are more likely to contact you if you provide a toll free SMS facility.
  • Cost-effective and easy to implement on any website.
  • Access your SMS on your mobile.
  • Quicker than Email – visitors to your website can reach you instantly by the message.
  • Connect with customers instantly.
  • Your customers need not have a mobile phone. All they need is access to your website.